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2 responses to “rickshaw blog9

  1. Tina Daugherty

    The rickshaw is very creative and inspiring but it has not been created by knitting, it is crochet. It is beautiful all the same.

    • Well spotted! In fact though the rickshaw is knitted. All the covering pieces are knitted in quite a fine 20/2 6ply cotton yarn on 3.25mm needles. We like to work with fine knitting because the finish is good. Then, and this is the part you noticed, the flower peace signs and small flowers are all crochet. The large flower peace signs are 20/2 yarn in 6 ply with 3mm crochet hook and the small flowers are 20/2 cotton in 4ply with 1.6mm crochet hook. So it’s a combination of knitting and crochet. I love to combine the two. It’s a feature of my work. You can also see this technique in the knitted trees. xx

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