Rainbow smiley trees – it’s my apprenticeship

Last week was great with the knitted rickshaw, but to be honest it was rather ambitious and I did this week feel that I’d missed the learning process and apprenticeship into knitting grafitti.  So this week we’ve gone back to basics and started where it seems most yarnstormers start and that’s with decorating trees.

At 6am in the morning it was relatively quiet.   Just a few taligari delivering bananas to the market, the last of the kamikazi trucks speeding off, and the start of a few people going to work on a non-working day.    But immediately we had some onlookers, a street boy who lives around the bridge and some walkers on their early morning exercise around the lake.    Have you guessed where it is yet?

We call it the Baridhara bridge.   It’s on the bridge that takes you from Baridhara to Gulshan.   It’s something of a thoroughfare during the day and is packed with cars, buses and rickshaws, bumper to wheel all inching forward at a snails pace.   The challenge is to keep away from those with road rage.   So I thought that a few smiley faces on brightly coloured rainbow trees might cheer people up a little stuck in their cars, bring a smile to their faces and help bring some joy to an otherwise tiresome journey.

It would be great to hear from you if you see the trees.   You can post a comment here to let us know.    You could also send your pictures to us at pebbleknitsdhaka at gmail dot com and I’ll post them into future blogs.    I’m hoping to take more pictures myself later today when the traffic is busy.    Keep watching around Dhaka yarnstorming is here to stay!


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7 responses to “Rainbow smiley trees – it’s my apprenticeship

  1. Paola

    Saw your trees, Samantha – they are AMAZING!


  2. Brigid

    LOVE the trees! Looking for them was an exciting treat for our car ride, too. Thanks for bringing a smile to my family and my faces!

  3. Great work! Wondering why I have failed to notice this wonderful work…. If they are there, I will not miss those surely.

  4. Nice post!. I learn a lot of information from this post. Thank for the effrot you took upon this post so thoroughly . I look forward to your future post if anyone interested visit here

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