Pebble Knits Dhaka is exactly that.    I’m Samantha Morshed and I’ve started it.   I’m also the founder of Hathay Bunano ps – knitting to create rural employment in Bangladesh, and Pebble – the products we make through Hathay Bunano for sale for children worldwide (check us out at www.facebook.com/pebblechild).    Pebble Knits Dhaka is about having some fun with knitting in a way that everyone can share and enjoy.    xx

8 responses to “About

  1. Rayhan Kabir

    It’s a Fantastic Idea which is very unique in our Country. Hope to see again pebble in street of Dhaka very soon.


  2. Shegufta Islam

    Just came across your page on Facebook. What a lovely idea…I love Fb at times, I do find cool things there!

    Wish your business all the success!

    • That’s very kind. Thank you. Pebble is a business. It’s the brand of Hathay Bunano ps, a non profit org trying to create rural and flexible employment for disadvantaged women in Bangladesh. Pebbleknitsdhaka however isn’t a business. It’s just about having fun and making our surroundings more fun and about looking at Dhaka in a different way. I hope to stay creative by experimenting with the art of knitting through pebbleknitsdhaka. xx

  3. Shareng

    Where is the shop? Can I have the address???

  4. Greta

    Hi Samantha,
    I’m new to Dhaka and am looking for where I can buy wool for my own knitting projects. Can you recommend any markets/shops?
    Love the knitted rickshaw!!

  5. Janneke

    Hi people of PKD! We are looking for a producer of Fairtrade knitted toys, so I would like to get in contact with you if possible. Thanks for your respond in advance!

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